There is tradition that if anything becomes famous it is mostly being followed or it becomes the brand of anything. It is very much followed by the world of pokies, as you will get the name of the game on the block buster movies name. I was watching The Dark Knight last night and influenced by the film i went for the search through online pokies exactly with the name of movie. I was astonished to see a pokie game and without wasting any time I made the download of the full app. The review of this one was very impressive. If you would not have watched the movie you can begin to watch the full movie through online. One thing I would like to share with you all is that before making the start of any betting you should have the complete analysis and use the common sense while hitting symbols which appears in the active slots.

Discussing about the game, it provides you the facility of 243 ways of winning which will give you some credits and bonus in return if you perform well in the game. The theme of the game is dark and almost scary type and facilitates you with the minimum betting of 30 coins. There are many characters which are used up in this one such as the Batman and the Bane. There are many wild and scattered symbols which will make you to feel happy by making them arranged in particular fashion in the active slots.

For getting the option of free spins to get activated you need to trigger the wild symbols of 3, 4 or 5 which is the futuristic grenade and if once you trigger it you can enjoy and win a lot from the free spins. I was fortunate that I won many prizes and some amount of cash too. One thing I would like to share with the reader that never make it in the habit of making real money.