You may have noticed that while most casino players win initially, they lose any winnings to the casino over time. Some even lose their own money. So what is the reason that most casino players cannot withdraw their winnings? What are the main causes of these losses?

The same thing happened to me before. When I go into the casino, I tell myself that I will quit playing once I have won a certain amount of cash. My intuition keeps telling me that I’m having great luck and that I can win more if I reach my winning goal. And I’ll usually just stay there and keep playing. Guess what?

Although I might continue to win, I decided to keep my betting going because I wanted more. But, as usual, I will usually leave the table empty-handed. Are you sure I’ll give up so quickly?

Exactly, NO! Yes, absolutely! However, this time, I will increase the amount of my bets to a large value to win as much money as possible. My luck seems to be slipping away, and all my losses are huge. My heart beats really fast and my bet amount keeps increasing with each loss. What will happen next?

There are two options: 1. Get more money from ATMs to try and win back my losses. 2. Exit the casino with regret. Because I lose more money, I’ll normally regret choosing option 1. Even though I win my money back, my greedy behavior will cause me to make the same mistake over and over again until I lose everything.

This is the most common scenario for casino players. Because they only enter the casino with their own money, most casino players can win money initially. They win when they have winning chips. After that, most players will want more and start to get greedy. They don’t have to think twice about placing chips on the table to win because they are betting with winning chips. They become more greedy the more they win. Eventually, they forget to take their winnings with them. They lose all their winnings, but they don’t give up.


Most players cannot exit the casino with their winnings because they are greedy. Don’t be greedy when playing casino games. You will never win.