Last year I was in Australia for attending a business seminar and for signing some business deals. My schedule was too much busy and I don’t have too much time for sight-seeing and other tasks related to vacations. But, you don’t know that what is going to happen with you on next day or in the next moment. My schedule was of 15 days and long and my all-important work was finished before the scheduled time. I got 2 days as a spare in which I don’t have anything to do. So, I talked to my trip manager for some spot visiting. But, the day on which I have to go for the visit, it was started raining from early morning. Due to which I was not able to go anywhere. So, I decided to spend my day inside my hotel room. I was aware of the so much groomed gambling industry of Australia. Throughout my visit, I heard about it at many points but not able to try it on my own. That day I had lots of time and nothing to do in that. So, I decided to check it on my own.

I opened my laptop and started searching regarding it with a coffee mug in my hand. I visited many websites and checked many games, but I was not getting that feeling of fun and enjoyment. So, I continued visiting more and more sites. My search stopped at a website where all my attention was caught by a game which had amazing graphics that was Loaded Pokies. So, I decided to play it on that particular day. The theme of that was based on the classical hip-hop artists. That was based on the classical style but for me that was new because I never played those classical ones. So, after getting all the required information I started playing it. I created a free account and got the free bonus according to the website norms. As I got the free bonus and so there was not any risk of losing the amount. I made my first bet and clicked the spin button. Now I started praying for the winning combination. But unfortunately I was not that much lucky on that day. But winning cash was not my main motive while playing. I continued playing for 2-3 hours and got the full enjoyment. Playing Loaded Pokies was best part of my trip apart from my business deals.